The difference between cotton and combed cotton

Cotton vs. Combed Cotton – and Why it Matters

Cotton, arguably the most ubiquitous natural fiber on the planet is used in countless applications, from industrial – to  home goods, including apparel, towels, and bed sheets. The highest quality bedding and sheets start with premium, combed cotton.

So, what makes a cotton “premium?” And, why is combed cotton preferable over its uncombed cousin? It all begins with the fuzzy little cotton plant.

Read your labels carefully and look for combed cotton bed sheets made from trademarked SupimaⓇ  cotton. Beware of cotton products claiming Egyptian origins as it represents less than 1% of global cotton production. This American-grown variety is sought out for its desirable, extra long staple fibers, that yields cotton sheeting of unrivaled quality and durability.

Replacing its Egyptian counterpart, Supima cotton is now the leading choice of luxury cotton-goods producers, sheeting manufacturers – and discerning consumers worldwide.

Now, back to that fuzzy cotton plant. When cotton is ready to harvest, its distinctive cloud-like puff literally bursts out of its pod in a mass of unruly fibers. Once picked, the raw, fibrous material is cleaned to remove seeds, dirt, and other impurities in a process called carding. Carding also acts to separate and align the individual cotton fibers prior to spinning.

For uncombed cotton, the process stops with carding. However, combed cotton goes through a secondary process that literally combs the fibers through a series of fine brushes to remove short or broken strands, while leaving the longest, strongest, and straightest cotton fibers behind.

Combed cotton’s luxurious softness is credited to these longer fibers, which are spun into smooth, high-quality single ply yarns – with far fewer exposed fiber ends that resist fraying and piling. However, up to 15% of the raw cotton material will be removed and discarded during the combing process – which contributes to its added expense.

For  those who value quality and a comfortable night’s sleep, combed cotton offers an exceptionally soft, exceedingly durable, long-lasting material for bedding – where thread count is less important due to the superiority of the raw materials.

The difference in cost between uncombed and combed cotton sheets is recouped in its longevity of service. With proper care, your luxury combed cotton bed sheets will last a lifetime, or two.

You’re worth it.