Luxurious Linen Sheets for a Cool Night’s Sleep

First discovered in ancient Mesopotamia, linen is one of mankind’s earliest textiles – preceding even Biblical times, and purportedly the attire of angels. Once reserved for early society’s upper crust, linen represented purity and wealth as evidenced by the exquisite linen shrouds adorning Egypt’s most well-known mummies.

Synonymous with luxury, this “heavenly” fabric garners its mystique from history yet earns its cachet from its incredible characteristics. Made from the flax plant – yes, the same plant that yields flax seeds and linseed oil – the herbaceous plant is commonly used for a variety of applications – from legal tender to luxury linen bedding.

Linen Bedding Set - Latemornings.comYou’re Worth the Investment

Not an easy fabric to manufacture, the best linens are grown from Belgian or French flax and produced in Europe – specifically Italy – from hand-harvested flax (which might explain why luxurious linen bedding and sheets command such a high price). If you value a healthy night’s sleep (and who doesn’t), 100% pure linen bed sheets are worth the investment. Here’s why:


Strength to Softness

Flax, the plant that produces linen’s fibers are 3 – 5x stronger than cotton – surpassing it for strength and durability. Flax’s stiffer, less elastic fibers also require special harvesting and weaving techniques. However, once processed, loomed, and spun, the flax plant yields fabrics of exceeding strength, and unrivaled softness, that improves with each washing.

Superior Wicking Capabilities – with Wrinkles

Linen’s ability to absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture – and quickly wick it away from your skin for a cooling effect – make it especially well-suited for bedding during the summer months, or hot climes. Think “Egypt” hot. Linen’s conductive properties help maintain body heat during the winter months, and its rumpled look lends authenticity, and casual elegance to any bedroom.

Naturally Bacteria Resistant

Consider healthy linen sheets for your entire household – including the kids. Linen’s natural anti-bacterial properties are sought out by those suffering from allergies or skin disorders. With proper care (including washing, drying, and even ironing) 100% pure linen sheets can aid in minimizing allergens, repel dirt, dust and other microscopic creepy crawlies, known to inhabit our beds too.

Good for You – Better for the Planet

In spite of linen’s laborious manufacturing process, the fast-growing, eco-friendly flax plant uses less water than other textile crops. Additionally, it requires no fertilizer, and improves the quality of the soil it’s grown it. 100% biodegradable, the flax plant is used in its entirety – roots and all.

Love Your Linen for a Lifetime

Luxurious linen requires a little more love and attention than your everyday cotton bed sheets. But, just like cotton, the more you wash them, the better – and even better – they become.

A natural fiber, linen sheets should be washed cool temperatures with a mild laundry soap (not detergent) to avoid shrinkage and preserve colors.

Linen’s health benefits are further improved from the sun’s natural sanitizing effects by drying your sheets outside after laundering. If you’re unable to line dry, remove your linen sheets from the dryer before they’re “bone dry,” and allow residual moisture to evaporate before storing or remaking your bed. Follow these simple steps and your luxury linens will bring a lifetime of service – and satisfying sleep.

Regardless of whether you choose linen bedding for health reasons or eco-friendly factors, it’s perfectly acceptable to surrender to linen’s luxurious long-lasting appeal. Think of it as an added bonus for your investment in a fabulous night’s sleep. You deserve it.

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