A Superior Sleep Starts with Supima Cotton Sheets

Restful sleep is an essential element for a happy and healthy life. Given we spend a third of ours in bed, shouldn’t slumber be a comfortable and rejuvenating experience too? Now add luxurious to the mix for the ultimate in sleep comfort – starting with 100% Supima cotton sheets.

Grown exclusively in the arid desert states of the American southwest, all Supima cotton is Pima cotton, but not vice versa. Pima cotton – the forebear of Supima – takes its name from the region’s Native American Pima tribe, who were largely responsible for its cultivation in the early 1900’s.

Quickly recognizing Supima’s exceptionalism over other textile crops, the Goodyear Tire Corporation purchased 16,000 acres of Arizona desert in 1916 to begin growing this singular cotton in earnest.

Initially used in automobile, bicycle, and airplane tires Supima cotton quickly gained a reputation as a superior raw material for a variety of industrial uses. Fast forward to the present, and Supima cotton products are now synonymous with luxury.

Supima Cotton SheetsWhat makes Supima cotton superior to its Pima cotton predecessor is its extra-long staple (ELS) fibers – which measure on average 35% longer than lesser cotton varieties – including many Egyptian types.  Superior + Pima = Supima.

Additionally, Supima’s extra-long fibers are much finer than their conventional cotton counterparts, resulting in exceptionally soft, exceeding durable, abrasion resistant and colorfast fabrics – particularly well-suited for use in linens and bedding.

Supima’s exquisite cotton fabrics are employed by the world’s renown luxury goods manufacturers and fashion design houses. Considered the “cashmere” of cotton, Supima is used in everything from crisp cotton dress shirts, designer denim jeans, and all manner of haute couture applications.

Renown for its silky soft hand and a lustrous feel, Supima cotton offers the ultimate in luxury bedding. Thread count becomes less important as Supima’s characteristically superior fiber composition can be woven into exceedingly dense, yet soft, fabrics, in a variety of weaves – like sateen and percale.

With its characteristic silkiness and long-lasting durability, Supima cotton is a particularly good choice for bedding. Sheets and linens made from this superior type of cotton resist fading and pilling, retain their color, become softer with every wash, and consistently outperform higher thread-count fabrics made from lesser quality cotton.

With 21ast century demand for Supima cotton reaching an all-time high, its status as a status commodity is directly attributable to its relative scarcity. Supima cotton represents a mere 1% of global luxury cotton production, and 3% of the domestic market. Moreover, when you buy Supima cotton products, you’re supporting American cotton growers.

A trademarked variety of cotton, you’ll see it listed by its full name “Supima cotton” – not just “cotton” on labels and product descriptions.  If it doesn’t say “Supima cotton,” it’s just cotton.

So, if you’re ready to experience the ultimate in sleep comfort and long-lasting durability, treat yourself to some new sheets – made from 100% Supima cotton.


Sweet dreams.

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